Minnesota Home Loan

Minnesota Home Loans are any type of loan you would get while buying a house.  Even if you are selling the house you are in now, if you are buying another house to replace it you would still want this type of loan.

There are several different types of loans offered to make this happen.  At Guardian Financial we offer an array of home loans to get people into their dream home.

If you served in our nations military you may qualify for a VA Home Loan.  This loan is one of the best loans anywhere, and its one of the many ways the government thanks its service men and women by giving them such a great loan.  To find out how you qualify please look at our VA Home Loan page.

If you have not served in the military, and are considering buying your first house, you will likely want to look into FHA Home Loans.  FHA home loans are great for first time home buyers because they require little down, and can get you a great rate.  For many the FHA Home Loan will be the only loan they ever have because it is so flexible.

For those that have a bit more money for a larger down payment you might want to look at a Conforming Loan.  Conforming Loans have are great if you have the money to put down because it removes Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).  PMI can really add up over time and cost thousands of dollars.  With a Conforming Loan you side step this issue completely.

When you are in the market for a more expensive house, one that costs over $417,000 in Minnesota, we call that a Jumbo Loan.  Jumbo Loans are a little harder to qualify for.  They also come with a slightly higher interest rate, but could be your best option if your dream home is out of reach of one of the other loan types.

Also it is important to say that on our Main Page we have current news that relates to these types of loans.  I encourage you to take a look if you have not already to stay informed.