VA Home Loans

Home Loans for Our VetransWe are proud to offer America’s veterans and their families VA loans. Veterans are eligible for our VA home loan for up to $417,000. Beyond this value we offer Jumbo Loans with a different set of conditions. If you are considering a VA home loan, we offer these loans at a competitive interest rate and usually without requiring any cash down. Other advantages of a VA home loan are:

  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Funding Fee Can be Built into the Loan
  • No Cash Required at Closing
  • Lower Interest Rate Compared to Other Loans

Many veterans qualify for a VA loan. If you are an active duty veteran or were active duty and received an honorable discharge in most cases you will qualify. Things can get a little tricky if you were in the reserves or National Guard.  The VA clears this up somewhat on their website.

Reservists are eligible for VA Loans, too. Who qualifies?

Eligibility extends to members who have completed a total of 6 years in the Selected Reserves or National Guard (member of an active unit, attended required weekend drills and 2-week active duty for training) and received an honorable discharge; continue to serve in the Selected Reserves.  Individuals who completed less than 6 years may be eligible if discharged for a service- connected disability.  In addition, reservists and National Guard members who were activated on or after August 2, 1990, served at least 90 days and were discharged honorably are eligible.  Eligibility for Selected Reservists is due to expire on September 30, 2009.

To determine if you qualify for a VA home loan, you will need to contact the VA and obtain a Certificate of Eligibility. If you do not already have one you will need to apply for one using VA form 26-1880 and submit a copy of your DD-214. The typical turnaround is 30 to 45 days, so you will want to get this done before you start hunting for your dream home. If you have already used your VA loan eligibility to buy a home, you can use it again if you are selling or have sold the home you bought with it before.

VA home loans in Minnesota are something I enjoy doing for our veterans. I will make this a smooth home buying experience for you so that you, can worry about the important things in life. I am a fully licensed mortgage broker for the state of Minnesota, with the experience necessary to get you the best VA home loan at the lowest rate possible, with no closing costs. Please fill out the contact form to the right or if you want you can call me at work at 763-400-7537 or on my mobile at 952-807-8532.