What can you do about Radon?

Radon GasIf you live in Minnesota, there is a good chance your home has radon gas in it.  You can see on this map the levels are lowest in the down town areas of the state, and increase in the rural areas.

Radon is a deadly odorless and colorless radioactive gas.  It is something that can be safely removed from most homes by professionals fairly inexpensively. In a new development you can have the mitigation system put in for a few hundred dollars.  In an existing home the prices range from $1,200 to $2,000.

The system works by venting the radioactive gas outside of your house so that the levels do not build up to unsafe levels.  If left untreated, homes with radon can cause lung cancer over time.  Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer, so it really is a silent killer.

In Minnesota they are working on a “Radon Awareness Act” that would require sellers to disclose information regarding radon levels in the home and likely require a radon test before the house is sold.  This is just one easy thing people can do right now that can prevent serious health problems down the road.  Given how inexpensive the test kits are you may want to consider testing the home you are in now.

You can buy radon testing kits at hardware stores cheaply where ever you live.  If you do find you have unsafe levels of radon you can find recommended mitigation service providers on the Minnesota Department of Health website.  For even more information on radon gas and how it enters your home you can read more about it here.